Product story of Clean Rice Vi Thuy

The enthusiasm in labor of the Vietnamese people is a traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people.

Old folk song

“Invite each other to plant and plow
Now hard, there are days of fluidity
On co shallow depth under contract
Husband went plowing ox harrows bark"

Our ancestors had many hard lives. The calloused, tanned hands of a farmer who worked hard in the field with one sun and two dew. Their joys and sorrows are attached to the rice plant,  each grain of rice is every drop of their sweat and effort poured down on the alluvial land.

Even though they know they work so hard, their life is very precarious because they create rice grains that are hard work but the value is not high. In order to continue the generations of generations of wet rice farming, the farmers was determined to build a sustainable foundation, which is to connect production together. Building a supply chain of "Rice - Clean and safe rice" towards modern civilization, from shifting cultivation in the direction of inorganic to organic direction to create safe rice products to properly serve the needs of people. consumption according to the current trend, the land of Hau Giang is fertile alluvium, the fields are straight, the stork wings are flying, the people are honest and hard-working, they not only attach great importance to their agricultural production activities but also They are also very conscious in helping and supporting each other in terms of production techniques, believing in the future the crop will be bountiful, creating higher productivity and value. Satisfying the inevitable needs of consumers, because rice is almost every family's daily warm meal, Tan Long Cooperative's rice products connect children with grandparents in daily meals. , bringing a feeling of closeness and love from fragrant sticky rice grains with bold Vietnamese traditions.

When the rice is ripe, the whole field is covered with a bright yellow color on the land of Vi Thuy Hau Giang. The yellow of the sun, the yellow of the rice brightens a peaceful countryside, evoking the feeling of warmth and affluence of the land west of the river. Coming to Vi Thuy district, Hau Giang province, you will feel

“Fragrant rice, white fat seeds
Loving the motherland considerately sharing"