Vi Thuy district: The delegation of the District Party Committee worked with Tan Long Cooperative

On September 14, 2020, the leadership of Vinh Tuong Commune People's Committee and the Commune Agricultural Technical Team received the Presidium of Vi Thuy district, led by Mr. Nguyen Van Vui - Secretary of the Party Committee - Chairman of the Party Committee. People's Committee of Vi Thuy district came to work at Tan Long Cooperative, Tan Long hamlet, Vinh Tuong commune.

The product "Vi Thuy clean rice" of Tan Long Cooperative, Vinh Tuong commune has been branded by the cooperative and gradually brought to the market.

In order to evaluate the product "Vi Thuy clean rice", farming with bio-organic fertilizers to create safe, quality products as well as economic profits of the product from which to replicate among the people, helping farmers make safe products to serve themselves and the society.

In the meeting with the Cooperative, Mr. Nguyen Van Vui commented: "The cooperative must focus on making the product "Vi Thuy clean rice" which must ensure safety, quality, follow the bio-fertilizer process, in order to ensure safety and quality. maintain the brand. It is necessary to do step by step, prepare the raw material area and link the consumption of products. And can make 1, 2 other products made from "clean rice" such as wine, cake, candy,... The district will support and invest more for the cooperative to develop more in the future.

Nguyen Van Thich (Director of Tan Long Cooperative) confided: The cooperative is facing difficulties in capital because it has to cope with equipment and infrastructure, besides the cooperative also has to investment in building the brand name "Vi Thuy clean rice" should be a bit precarious. The Board of Directors at all levels and branches interested in supporting the Cooperative is very happy and excited.

After working with Tan Long Cooperative, Doan visited the model of safe rice, using bio-fertilizers of the farming cooperative, grasped the situation of rice development, efficiency from the model and did not forget. encourage the Cooperative to promote the spirit, develop the product "Vi Thuy clean rice" and the safe rice model, using bio-fertilizers is increasingly replicated as well as requesting the Technical Team to regularly provide technical assistance to Cooperative for sustainable development.

Photo: The delegation of the District People's Committee visits a model to visit a safe rice model, using bio-organic fertilizers in rice cultivation

Do Thi Thuy Duong
VCCI of Vinh Tuong commune