Enhancing the mobilization of people to participate in cooperatives

(HG) - On the afternoon of October 22, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Truong Canh Tuyen and some related branches of the province, the Standing Committee of Vi Thuy District People's Committee had a working visit with Tan Long Cooperative, in Tan Long hamlet, Vinh Tuong commune, Vi Thuy district, about the operation of the cooperative.

Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Truong Canh Tuyen (left cover) asked Tan Long Cooperative to pay attention to expand the market for "Vi Thuy clean rice" products. Photo: HUU PHUC

Currently, the cooperative has 71 members and associates 130 more external members to do services. The total area of ​​rice production of the cooperative is 220ha and the entire area is cultivated according to food safety procedures; The total production of rice produced by the cooperative for the market is 1,496 tons/year. Currently, Tan Long Cooperative has built and is recognized as a provincial OCOP product with the brand name "Vi Thuy clean rice". In addition to rice production, the cooperative also provides irrigation pumping services, selling agricultural materials and seeds. In addition, over the past time, the cooperative has been organized by the Management Board of the Sustainable Agriculture Transformation Project (VnSAT) of the province to open many training courses on knowledge of rice production techniques in the direction of "3 decrease, 3 increase". “1 must 5 reduction” for members; at the same time, the provincial VnSAT Management Board considers supporting the cooperative with electric pumping stations, 20 fertilizer spraying machines, 2 cluster seeding machines, warehouses, rice dryers, and packaging equipment. On the other hand, the cooperative cooperates with 4 enterprises to supply materials for safe rice production and output links for the product "Vi Thuy clean rice".

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Truong Canh Tuyen highly appreciated the efficiency in the operation of the cooperative, especially the fact that the cooperative has the product "Vi Thuy clean rice" that has achieved the first 4-star OCOP standard in the province. of the district up to this point; Through this, it contributes to improving the value of rice grains, expanding the consumption market and increasing economic efficiency for the people. In the coming time, the cooperative has increased the application of technical advances in production, especially the organic rice farming process to create safe products to meet market demand. In addition, leaders of the cooperative continue to propagate and mobilize people from outside to join the cooperative so that the cooperative can continuously develop.