"Vi Thuy clean rice" has been reaching far

From strictly applying the processes in rice cultivation towards food safety and hygiene, Tan Long Cooperative, Vinh Tuong commune, Vi Thuy district has successfully built the brand "Vi Thuy clean rice". - Meet OCOP product standards at provincial level. This is a favorable condition for the brand "Vi Thuy clean rice" to reach further in the market.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thich (middle), Deputy Director of Tan Long Cooperative, and members of the cooperative visit organic rice fields. Photo: H.HIEP

Bringing the mood of the rice grain maker to expect the merchant to buy for each harvest, when the product is produced, the price will be depreciated, there is no strong connection between the seller and the buyer. After many months of learning experiences in other places, members of Tan Long Cooperative came to an agreement to make organic rice/rice to sell to the market, without having to go through middlemen as before.

Initially, this unit sowed about 1 ha of organic rice (Winter-spring crop 2018-2019) associated with trademark registration "Vi Thuy clean rice", up to now, the cooperative has increased the farming area to nearly 60ha. In early 2020, "Vi Thuy clean rice" was recognized as an OCOP product, rated 4 stars by the province.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thich, Deputy Director of Tan Long Cooperative, shared: “In the past, I made rice seeds and then sold them, now what the market needs, I make that product. Thus, we can build a brand that meets the needs of consumers. I have to know how to sell what the market needs, not what I have.”

"Vi Thuy clean rice" made by Tan Long Cooperative has only been on the market for nearly a year, but is known and very popular with consumers with two main types of rice, ST24 and ST25. Each month, the cooperative supplies to the market nearly 20 tons of organically produced rice, with traceability stamps and certified trademarks by the National Office of Intellectual Property. Currently, "Vi Thuy clean rice" is purchased and sold by nearly 20 units in the domestic and foreign markets.

Ms. Ho Thi Thuy Ngoc, distribution branch of "Vi Thuy clean rice" in Nang Mau town, said: "Consumers are now very concerned about their health, so when introducing clean and safe rice, they very attentive. Everyone who eats it compliments it for its quality, especially the taste, because it's been a long time since people can eat rice without using pesticides. In general, people's feedback is very positive for this type of rice."

Currently, the brand "Vi Thuy clean rice" is gradually creating a foothold in the market. It is expected that in the next rice crop, the cooperative will expand the area up to 150ha, producing 2 rice crops and 1 fish crop so that the soil does not have chemical residues, creating a friendly environment. "Towards, the cooperative will do agricultural economy, not agricultural production like before," added Mr. Nguyen Van Thich, Deputy Director of Tan Long Cooperative.

At the seminar "Bringing the Resolution of the Provincial Party Congress to life", with the theme "Hau Giang in the 2020-2025 term" held in early November, provincial leaders and experts, scientists, Journalists highly appreciate "Vi Thuy clean rice" as one of the province's products with strong development potential, and will reach out further to the domestic and international markets in the future.

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Le Tien Chau said that ST24 and ST25 rice varieties are from Soc Trang, but grown in Vi Thuy district, produced by organic process, the quality and value of rice grains are greatly improved.

Therefore, Mr. Le Tien Chau wants the cooperative to call as many members as possible and form large, mechanized fields in the agricultural field to reduce input value, increase input value. go out. “We are not only growing rice, but this is an agricultural economy, which can be combined with both farming and farming. In the field of agriculture, the province has many policies. In the near future, a project will be issued, one of which is to support cooperatives", emphasized Mr. Le Tien Chau, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

With the right direction, making rice/rice grains towards consumers' health, members of Tan Long Cooperative said they will continue to stick with rice and more successfully apply scientific and technical advances. for sustainable production of safe organic rice, bringing higher economic value than traditional rice cultivation...