Vi Thuy clean rice is graded

Organic rice brand

"Vi Thuy clean rice" is a commercial product of Tan Long cooperative, located in Tan Long hamlet, Vinh Tuong commune, Vi Thuy district (Hau Giang).

Sharing about the farming process to create clean rice products, Mr. Nguyen Van Thich, Deputy Director of Tan Long Cooperative, said: THX Tan Long was established in 2013, at first 31 members had only 1 service. especially the irrigation pump, leading to inefficient economic development, the cooperative stood on the verge of dissolution.

“However, in 2018, Tan Long Cooperative started to re-form, in order to meet the production needs of its members, the cooperative then expanded to open 6 more services: Irrigation pumping, rice seed, and consumption. By February 2020, according to the inevitable demand of the market, Tan Long Cooperative decided to produce Vi Thuy clean rice brand. Only in 6 months after (ie August 2020) Vi ​​Thuy clean rice of Tan Long Cooperative was recognized, members of the cooperative were very excited,” said Mr.

Thich said that the main reason for Tan Long Cooperative's determination to produce clean rice is simply to protect the environment and the health of the community. If in the past to produce a rice crop, we used hundreds, thousands of tons of chemical fertilizers, we are destroying our own living environment. In addition, producing rice in the direction of clean rice is less labor intensive, costs less, and generates higher profits, while ensuring the environment and protecting public health. do not do, Mr. Like explained.

Talking about the production process of Vi Thuy clean rice, Mr. Thich shared: “Before sowing rice, farmers treat the soil very carefully and spray with weed control spray, wait exactly 7 days after sowing. for isolation from chemical drugs. For seeds that are also soaked and planted naturally, do not use sprouting stimulants to soak together. During the cultivation process, all organic fertilizers and pesticides are used according to the growth time of the rice plant.

"Vi Thuy clean rice" has just been evaluated by the Provincial Council, ranking OCOP products with 4 stars. Photo: Trong Linh.

An interesting but effective thing about the use of organic matter in the rice cultivation process of people in Tan Long Cooperative is mixing fresh milk with raw chicken eggs to spray pest control on rice.

According to this explanation, people said that when spraying these two compounds, it will help the rice leaves grow more so the worms cannot roll the rice leaves. In addition, the large leaves of rice also attract many beneficial natural enemies to protect the rice plant, and at the same time help the rice plant absorb more chlorophyll to grow.

Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, Director of Tan Long Cooperative, said: “His family has 3 hectares of rice applying organic production processes. In addition to creating clean, safe and quality products for consumers, during the cultivation process, it also protects the health of the people who make clean rice grains because no chemicals are used. Thereby, contributing to environmental protection and adaptation to climate change”.

“Compared to previous traditional rice production, organic rice production is much less labor intensive, and fertilizers are also used less. However, the profit efficiency is higher from 500 to 1 million VND/work.

Besides the above benefits, the clean rice production model of Tan Long Cooperative also increases economic efficiency for the people here. Although the yield of rice produced in the organic form is only on average from 5.2 to 5.5 tons/ha (outside the model, it reaches more than 6 tons/ha), but in return, the selling price is higher from 200 to 5 tons/ha. 500 VND/kg compared to households outside the model.

Through the calculation of recent rice seasons, due to the use of organic matter, the investment cost for 1 hectare of rice can be reduced by 7-8 million VND compared to the cultivation outside the model. Thus, rice production according to food safety and hygiene procedures has contributed to increasing the value of rice grains by 2 - 2.5 times compared to households that do not apply them.

Currently, the rice varieties used by members of Tan Long Cooperative for cultivation are ST 24, ST 25, OM 18 and OM 5451. All rice production of the members of the cooperative is purchased by Tan Long Cooperative to buy and sell. The cooperative grinds, contributes and sells in domestic and foreign markets.

"Vi Thuy clean rice" can scan barcodes to extract the origin. Photo: Trong Linh.

Mr. Huynh Quoc Khanh, a household with 3 hectares of rice and a member of Tan Long Cooperative, said: “Rice cooked from rice produced by organic process has delicious quality, rich sweetness, and soft rice grains, to 2 days without embroidery. It is the above characteristics that the product "Vi Thuy clean rice" is increasingly popular with consumers, thereby creating very favorable output and attractive prices for farmers.

Currently, Tan Long Cooperative has 51 members, with 59ha of land specializing in rice production. The good news is that now all cooperative members of the cooperative are strictly applying the rice production process in the direction of food safety and hygiene when not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, use organic materials.

3 more OCOP products

Mr. Tran Trong Hieu, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Vi Thuy district (Hau Giang), said: Currently, "Vi Thuy clean rice" has a traceability stamp and is being considered by the National Office of Intellectual Property for trademark certification and certification. The cooperative has a product barcode. Recently, the product "Vi Thuy clean rice" has been evaluated by the provincial council and classified OCOP product with 4-star OCOP standard. This is the first product of Vi Thuy district to be certified OCOP at provincial level.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thich, Deputy Director of Tan Long Cooperative, said: "When the brand of clean rice was established, the number of consumers who knew about Vi Thuy's clean rice products was not much. However, after being recognized by the OCOP council as a 4-star standard, the clean rice products of Tan Long Cooperative have been known to many consumers.

“Currently, the cooperative receives many offers from a number of companies from Hanoi to order as agents to distribute clean rice for the cooperative. Vi Thuy clean rice has been contacted by consumers in the Mekong Delta provinces to buy products. Mr. Manh said.

Mr. Tran Trong Hieu (3rd from the right), Vice Chairman of Vi Thuy District People's Committee (Hau Giang)
with the delegation to visit organic rice production fields. Photo: Trong Linh.

It can be seen that OCOP is a reliable bridge between producers of clean products and consumers. Since then, OCOP products have contributed to raising the level of products on the consumption market and the value of rice for the cooperative.

According to Mr. Thich said, from the great market demand, the cooperative will continue to mobilize farmers to expand the area of ​​organic rice production to create clean rice products to meet consumer demand, while at the same time preserving protect the health of producers and the environment. It is expected that in the upcoming winter-spring rice crop, the rice area produced by the food safety process associated with the cooperative will reach about 1,200 hectares.

Vi Thuy district has strengths in agricultural production, in which rice is the main crop. Therefore, over the past time, functional branches of the district have always paid attention to support and implement many programs and policies to create favorable conditions for people to develop production.

In which, it is prominent to promote the introduction of mechanization into the rice production stages, especially the rice cultivation stage; at the same time organize the replication of smart rice production model and rice production in the direction of food safety and hygiene as Tan Long Cooperative is implementing very effectively and bringing high economic benefits to people.

Mr. Tran Trong Hieu, Vice Chairman of Vi Thuy District People's Committee, affirmed: The locality will continue to pay attention and support so that the product "Vi Thuy clean rice" is constantly developing. In addition, the district is also interested in and fostering 3 potential products of the district to come here to continue to propose the provincial OCOP council to consider and recognize the products meeting the provincial OCOP standards, including: clean rice of Kien Trung Cooperative, abalone mushrooms and watermelons meeting VietGap standards in Vinh Thuan Tay commune…